Have you planned your stay in Moorea yet? Are you looking for a honeymoon or wedding photographer? Perhaps you are dreaming of a destination wedding or elopement? The island of Moorea is a delight for all the senses. The diversity of the landscapes and the calm are unique. From lush gardens to pristine, white-sand beaches, we invite you to discover the best spots and plan your photo shoot together - Paulina, Photographer Moorea.

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Our approach is to play with the conventions of the fine arts, detail shots, aerial pictures and portraits. This allows us to capture the beauty of the moment -the models’ personalities as well as the emotions expressed in a gesture or a look. The end result is a beautiful composition of people, landscapes, details and emotions. The result is the stuff of dreams, colorful and spectacular. We ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience - and a great adventure at the same time.

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Meet Paulina

& Ossa Cadoret

People often ask me why I moved from Europe to the Pacific, and how I offer pictures that stand out from the competitive market of Bora Bora & the Pacific Islands. Well, I am a wedding and honeymoon photographer with a soft spot for natural light and luminous colors, and I’m in love with the islands.

My approach is to combine fine art and aerial techniques to capture beautiful, sincere, and timeless images. My goal is to craft vibrant, luminous, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

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Are you looking for a Photographer in Moorea? Do you like elegant photos, drone photography, fine art style? Are you looking for a quality work more than quantity? Are you going to celebrate a special day or event on Moorea? You are welcome!

You will find on this website a lot of helpful information. Do not hesitate to contact us to work on a personalized project. Paulina Cadoret is a Professional working on each Polynesian island (bora bora, moorea tahiti). She loves the unique photography projects to reveal and discover each time something new for her incredible clients.

Her photography is luminous, natural and elegant. She works with digital and analog cameras. In her photography Paulina combines fine art styles and drone images. In Moorea she especially works on intimate weddings, elopements, romantic escapes and couple honeymoon photo shoots.

Moorea could be the best option for you instead of Bora Bora or Tahiti

Are you going to French Polynesia? Have you already booked your stay in Moorea, one of the most charming Polynesian island? It is a perfect destination for an intimate wedding, a romantic escape, a dreamy honeymoon, maternity photo session and babymoon or other intimate occasions (birthday, wedding anniversary or elopement).

It is also a great place to get some incredible pictures from paradise on earth! Moorea has everything you need for a spectacular photoshoot: blue lagoon, white sand beaches under the coconut trees, beautifully sculpted mountains on the background.. It also owns two of the most amazing bays in the world : Cook Bay and Opunohu Bay.
Moorea is also one of the most authentic places to feel the tranquil Polynesian life. There are no big city agglomerations. The local arts and crafts are present and visible.

Book in advance a professional photographer : every detail is important for your photography project in Moorea.

Are you dreaming about something special for your destination wedding or honeymoon on Moorea? Would you like to prepare a tailored photography project ? Maybe you are looking for an island less famous than Bora Bora?

For a lot of couples an intimate elopement, a beach wedding, a luxurious honeymoon or an escape for a weekend to Moorea is one of the most exciting and adventures to dream about! It is often a one in a lifetime trip and a unique experience. It is important to think in advance to book a professional and get some unique pictures.

Get photos with an experienced vendor. He is able to guide you and help you. This is the best ideas to memorize your trip and make your souvenirs last forever. We advise you to choose a professional who is experienced in working on islands. It could be too risky to plan some special moments of your life with a photographer who is not competitive.

She /he guarantee her/his own style and colors. She/he would guide you to choose the best time for the perfect light. She/he would also advise the most convenient places to create some classical and aerial photos and video for you.

Your photographer should work with local resorts and vendors. She/he would be able to propose the most competitive prices for your photos. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to choose a good professional vendor. The best guide is in fact your own taste, style, wishes and budget (more than the review on the web). Making your own research is the best to find what you are looking for! Be able to discover a high quality work.

Review and trust yourself! The creativity and variety of her/his images make you dream about some unique amazing pictures for your special event, honeymoon, simple travel or birthday. Most of the honeymooners are attracted by Bora Bora island. But sometimes, planning a photo shoot day on an other island can make sense!

Your Moorea Photographer advise you, guide you and accompany you to plan a perfect tailor-made project

Exemple : Wedding, honeymoon, a photo session in the hotel

Paulina knows that her/his work is not limited to the photoshoot time. A high quality photographer in Moorea invest entirely herself/himself into your photography project and should be able to accompany you during every step of it. Starting by defining the budget and making necessary researches, through planning and preparation in details before the event, then finally making a good job during the special day. And finally finishing by the delivery of the images and proposing other high quality services like the albums, prints.

A professional photographer in Moorea should have a wide range of skills: in communication, in commercial areas, in management and post-production services. A good photographer is perfectly able to combine an artistic eye for creative work and a technical mastery. She/he also has relationships on site and works with every resort in Moorea, every boat company, main tourist authorities, wedding planners, designers and florists. It is important to make the day of your special event the most beautiful, joyful, stress-less and memorable.

Be sure that Paulina Cadoret is a professional. She knows very well the specific rules during the photo shoots, in resorts and beaches. She is perfectly able to advise you and guide you before and during your photography project in French Polynesia and especially in Moorea. Her quality work on Polynesian islands is very appreciated by the best editors in the world. She was featured on Harper Bazaar Travel Guide, Pacific Weddings, Bride and Breakfast Hong Kong and many others.

Importance to sign a contract

A professional photographer always send you an official contract to sign no matter if it is only for a little babymoon photo shoot or for a huge photography project like a big destination wedding with a wedding party with hundreds of guests.

The contract is necessary to inform and protect clients and photographers. It presents plenty of benefits for both sides. For example, it guarantees a final price and promised quality and style. It defines the duration, the time and the place of the photo shoot or other event. It requires to respect the date of delivery of your pictures and mentions the reasons and conditions to rupture the photography services.

Best places in Moorea for your photography project

Moorea is a wonderful island. It is very different than Bora Bora or Tahiti. In almost every corner you can find a beautiful view and a potential place for a photograph. However, the most interesting and touristic area is situated in the northern part of the island.

That is why the most famous resorts are located here : Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa, Manava Beach Resort & Spa Hotel Moorea, Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort. You can also find in the north other smaller villas and local pensions to be hosted in (Hirinaki Villa, Bella Vista, Moorea Beach Lodge, Hotel Les Tipaniers).

Take your time to visit Moorea. And plan a photo shoot! There are so many places to visit and to get incredible pictures. Of course every resort, hotel and villa is a perfect place for a photo shoot. The hotels in Moorea have always a great destination with the best views and the access to the gardens. Next to the resorts, we find many places perfect for a photography project :

  • The famous Belvedere ViewPoint with the splendid panoramic view on both bays: Cook, Opunohu Bay and the Rotui Mountain which separate them.
  • The Tamae Beach near the Sofitel Resort is a place with a white sand beach, with a view on Tahiti islands and a quite vaste area with the coconut trees.
  • The Route des Ananas with huge pineapple fields is a must for all adventurous visitors and everyone who is looking for some amazing scenery. It is full of idyllic landscapes and greenery. A good place to get very various and creative images during your photo shoot.
  • The Tippaniers Beach and a breathtaking view on the azur lagoon, is mostly famous for its playground with stingrays and blacktip sharks.
  • Some parks next to the Cook and Opunohu Bays, with coconut trees fields, a mountain background and lagoon - a perfect combination for a classic and aerial shoots, drone video and pictures from above.

How much does a photographer cost in Moorea?

The cost of your photography project in Moorea can vary. It depends on the kind of your project, the time and duration of the photo shoot, the quality of work, talent and skills of your photographer and the most important - it depends on your own wishes.

Globally, the price for a 1-hour classical shooting can be between USD400-600$. For an intimate wedding ceremony and photo shoot the price can be quite similar. Then you will pay more if you wish to add video or drone video/aerial photographs. The reviews are not updated all the time so prices could change. In any case, you should contact the chosen Moorea Photographer to fix the exact price for your photography project.

Weddings and intimate elopements

Moorea is a special place to say « I do ». A sunset or sunrise wedding is a dream. If you are looking for an elopement or intimate wedding with or without guests, you will have a few options:

Exemple : Ready-made package in hotels. Wedding in the hotel can be really effortless, stress less and efficient. Your resort propose you a few wedding options (beach wedding, traditional Polynesian/Tahitian Ceremony) and once your choice is made, it takes care of everything. We advise you to try to personalize, and we’ll choose the vendors like florist and Moorea wedding photographer.

Who is Paulina Cadoret Moorea Photographer?

Paulina Cadoret is a Professional Moorea Photographer available in the island of Moorea and other pacific and Polynesian island like Bora Bora, Tahiti or Tahaa. Her photography is naturally elegant, delicate, full of luminous colors. She is a hybrid photographer : she works with digital and analog cameras. Paulina Cadoret propose high quality photo prints, wedding books and souvenir albums.

She works with the best photography laboratories and brands in the wedding industry. She put special attention to deliver a coherent work, every image is edited. She adjusts colors, luminosity, contrast!

Prepare in detail your photography project in Moorea : Choose a professional photographer and get incredible pictures.

For a lot of couples an intimate elopement, wedding or honeymoon travel to Moorea or to other pacific island is one of the most beautiful things to dream about! It is often a one in a lifetime adventure and an absolutely unique experience.

It is important that you choose for your very special and privileged moments in your life a professional Moorea photographer. You need to be sure you get as unique images as you are. It could be too risky to plan a great event with a photographer who is not competitive and not experienced in photography on islands like Moorea.

Choose an experienced Moorea Photographer

It is important to plan your event and photo shoot project with a professional Moorea photographer who used to work on islands for elopements, weddings, honeymoons. He/she guarantee his/her photography style, colors and light.

An experienced Moorea photographer help you to perfectly and in details plan your photography project. He/she will accompany you and advice you to create creative images accordingly to your needs and wishes.