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Hi, I'm Paulina. I am a wedding and honeymoon photographer with a soft spot for natural light, luminous colors and incredible scenery. Having an approach that combines fine art and aerial techniques, I capture beautiful, sincere and timeless images. It will be a pleasure for me to take your wedding or honeymoon photo shoot. As well as help you plan any other event in Bora Bora or other Pacific islands.

Signature work in Bora Bora & the Pacific Islands


honeymoon, wedding & editorial

Our work deals primarily with weddings and honeymoons in Bora Bora and the Pacific Islands. We also organize and create editorial content for couples and brands set in the jaw-dropping scenery of the islands. We collaborate with the best designers & planners in the wedding industry. We balance art directing, styled detail shoots, portraits, and aerial views to provide you with truly unique memories of your trip or special event.

Fine art styles & aerial pictures

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Our approach is to apply the styles and quality of the fine arts to aerial pictures to create unique keepsakes and tell the story of your trip or special event. The result is like a dream come true: spectacular and full of color. We ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable experience - and a great adventure at the same time.


Meet Paulina

& Ossa Cadoret

People often ask me why I moved from Europe to the Pacific, and how I offer pictures that stand out from the competitive market of Bora Bora & the Pacific Islands. Well, I am a wedding and honeymoon photographer with a soft spot for natural light and luminous colors, and I’m in love with the islands.

My approach is to combine fine art and aerial techniques to capture beautiful, sincere, and timeless images. My goal is to craft vibrant, luminous, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

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Paulina Cadoret is a Professional Bora Bora Photographer and other Pacific and Polynesian islands. Her photography is naturally elegant, delicate, full of luminous colors. She is a hybrid photographer: she works with digital and analog cameras.


She loves styled honeymoon and editorial photo shoots as much as wedding photographic reportage. The latter is focused on capturing emotions, smiles, tears of joy, happiness. She is discrete and she is game for unconventional photography projects. She has years of experience in wedding photography, honeymoon, maternity and family photo shoots.

Paulina Cadoret loves art photography. She captures everything that is important and memorable during your wedding day: the place, the decorations, the design, the details, the bridal gown, the flowers. She has won many international prizes (Fearless Photographers, ISWP) and was featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Pacific Weddings, Bride and Breakfast Hong Kong, Trendy Bride, and more.

Paulina Cadoret offers high quality photo prints, wedding books and memory albums. She works with the best photography laboratories and brands in the wedding industry. She pays special attention to delivering a coherent work, where every image is edited. She adjusts colors, luminosity, and contrast.

Your Bora Bora Photographer

Have you planned your stay in Bora Bora yet? Are you looking for your dream wedding or honeymoon? Do you like doing incredible photography projects in places like Bora Bora? Are you looking for a professional Bora Bora photographer? Imagine a place where only being is pure joy and happiness. Add to it sharing your love with your other half there. This experience will be much more that you ever expected. Bora Bora has become the new luxurious wedding destination. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it is an intriguing place and brides-to-be often dream of getting married in this heaven on earth. It is the most magical, incredible and spectacular place to say “I do”. And the perfect place for wedding photography. Be assured that you will get unique, memorable and breathtaking pictures you never imagined before.

Plan your photography project in Bora Bora and make your dream come true: Trust a professional photographer

For a lot of couples, a wedding or honeymoon project in Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful things to dream about! It’s true: a wedding or honeymoon in Bora Bora is often a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, trip, a unique experience, the coming true of the deepest dreams. Those special events in Bora Bora are often the beginning of a new life. It is absolutely essential to choose for those special moments in your life a professional photographer. You need to be sure you will get pictures as unique as you are. It is unthinkable to plan such a great project with a photographer who is not competitive and focuses on quantity rather than quality. Their qualifications could be quickly discredited.

Experienced Bora Bora Photographer in weddings and honeymoons

It is crucial to prepare your special event reportage and photo shoot with a professional Bora Bora photographer specializing in weddings and honeymoon photography. It is also important that your photographer is experienced in photography on Bora Bora or other islands. That will guarantee the expected photography style, colors, and light.

They will absolutely be able to accompany you and help you plan a photography project that fits your needs. It will permit to create high-quality, creative images.

Your Bora Bora photographer should closely work with a quality wedding and event planner and know the staff, and the administrators in Bora Bora’s resorts. Such a photographer will offer the most complete and varied services at an attractive price.

A professional Bora Bora photographer - how can we find them on Bora Bora? A good professional photographer creates quality, creative and varied images. They should have an artistic or photographic education. They should know how to pose couples, chase the best light and choose the most beautiful places for a photo shoot.

Contract with your Professional Bora Bora Photographer

A professional photographer will always sign an official contract for all photography events starting with a simple photo shoot and finishing with a few days’ wedding. A contract is necessary to inform and protect clients and the photographer. It gives you plenty of benefits: it guarantees a final price and promised quality. It requires the respect of the date of delivery of your pictures and mentions the reasons and conditions in the case of wishing to end the photography services.

Accompaniment for your photography project in Bora Bora by a professional Bora Bora photographer

You need to know that a professional Bora Bora photographer accompanies honeymooners and brides and grooms-to-be and manages all levels of preparation of your photography project in Bora Bora. A professional photographer will not only be interested in doing their job the day of the shoot. They will commit themselves to your photography project starting with the definition of your budget and your needs, preparing and planning everything in detail, doing their best work on the day of the event and finishing with the delivery of the pictures and services after your event. A professional photographer must have a wide range of skills: communication skills, commercial management, post-production services, an artistic eye for creative work, technical mastery. They have relationships on site and work with hotels, boat companies, the main tourist authorities, wedding planners, designers and florists. It is necessary to make the day of your event be the most beautiful, stressfree, spectacular, and memorable.

For a wedding, your photographer will take care of the photography project entirely. It means that they will assist you, and do a complete follow-up till the wedding day in order to organize everything perfectly.

The same for your honeymoon Bora Bora photo shoot, wedding anniversary, vow renewal and other events on Bora Bora.

How much does a Bora Bora photographer cost ?

First step - defining your budget

An essential step that will condition the rest of the operations is the first exchange to define the budget. Your photographer will take into consideration your needs, wishes and present you with their real cost.

You should know that there are many things that will determine the final cost of your photographer in Bora Bora: the duration of the photography project, the kind of event (wedding, honeymoon, fashion, editorial..), number of guests, the type of photography to document your event (reportage photography, drone photography, film photography, drone video) and other services like boat trips, wedding album, photo prints, etc.

In any case, your Bora Bora photographer should give you the exact final price including all services in accordance with your wishes and needs.

Cost of a Bora Bora photo shoot

The cost of a professional photography shoot in Bora Bora can vary. It depends on your project, duration, kind of event and of course - on your wishes.

It also depends on the experience of your photographer, their photographic material and of course their skills and talent.

Generally, a 1-hour digital basic photo shoot in hotels in Bora Bora costs at least 500$ and 2-hours about 1100$. A combination of classic and drone photography in your resort (with special authorization) costs at least 2000$. For more information and a custom package, you should contact the chosen Bora Bora photographer.

The reliable partner to find the best solutions for your wedding, honeymoon photography or other event and to create the ideal custom package that fits your needs.

The part of the recognition of your kind of event (wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal, wedding anniversary, portrait photo shoot, editorial shoot, fashion, family photo shoot, shoot for baby moon, maternity pictures, engagement photography) is the first step to be done and most often determined in advance.

Your photographer is a competitive person to guide you to make the best and the most suitable choices for your photography project during your special event. The most suitable means that while respecting your budget and your needs your photographer will advise you to get the most expected results. Globally, your photographer will be able to offer you a package that might best fit you from a selection of ready-made packages. Your photographer can also design a special custom package for tailor-made events.

Once the package is defined, it is time to think in detail about the photography project for your special event. That starts with the preparation of the detailed chronological plan of the event, to schedule every part of it and take into consideration the necessary time and duration for every action.

Once again, your photographer, in contact with the hotel, wedding planner, designer, wedding coordinator, has a mission to guide you and listen to your wishes.

Very often, “off-the-rack” packages will be offered to you, for instance in Bora Bora’s hotels.

Ready-made package in hotels

Bora Bora has recently become the new wedding destination. Brides dream about a wedding on the beach, under the palms, in paradise. You will find some ready-made packages in your resort. Almost every hotel in Bora Bora offers a wedding package: The St Regis, The Four Seasons Resort, The Intercontinental Thalasso & Spa, The Hotel Pearl Beach Resort, The Conrad Bora Bora Nui. A wedding in the resort is easy, effortless and all preparation will not involve you too much. Clients will be able to choose an ideal package and the best setting that suits their wishes: beach wedding, wedding in a chapel, traditional Tahitian ceremony. Your resort and the local wedding coordinator will take care of flowers, wedding photography, additional shoots, local decoration.

Tailor-made weddings

However, if you dream of an exceptional, perfectly planned and designed wedding, you should contact a high-quality wedding agency or event planner.

Only this kind of entity will be able to plan and produce impeccably styled and designed tailored weddings.

A tailor-made marriage will let you create and plan a very personalized photography project with no limits with the places to go and with special needs.

A wedding planner or event agency gives the unique possibility to create your own custom wedding which will really reveal your tastes and your personality. Your photographer will be most happy to be part of your event and will do their best to create innovative, unique and original pictures.

Once again, your photographer, in contact with the hotel, event planner, designer, main coordinator, has a mission to guide you and listen to your wishes. You will also be able to choose the perfect place for your wedding or honeymoon in Bora Bora or other islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Tetiaroa).

What is the best time for your photo shoot in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is an island and the changing light during the day has a crucial influence on the photography results you wish to obtain. That is why it is important to work with a Bora Bora photographer who is used to this geographic zone. They will have a store of knowledge and experience to guide you and advise on the best time for your photography project in accordance with your expectations.

The sunrise and the morning

If you like soft light, soft colors and a peaceful atmosphere, the sunrise can be a great option for your photographic project.

If you prefer colorful images and you want to reveal all the shades of blue of Bora Bora’s lagoon, the morning is the best moment to do that.

The sunset and the afternoon

If you love a romantic mood and beautiful portraits of your couple are the most important, then the sunset shoot will be a perfect option.

The sunset photo shoot can begin in the late afternoon to capture some more vibrant-color pictures.

The shoot in the afternoon is often offered with the sunset shooting. In the afternoon we can still get some vibrant colors but the sun is lower and less tiring. Sunset is a good continuation to get some romantic, soft pictures and beautiful portraits.

Boat Trips

For a photography trip by boat, the morning is as good as the afternoon. Your photographer will be perfectly able to get some vibrant blue/green colors especially with drone pictures and wilderness shoots.

What is the best duration of your photo shoot on Bora Bora?

The duration of your photography project depends on a few primordial criteria:

  • the kind of event (wedding, honeymoon, romantic elopement, editorial, fashion, family photo sessions, etc.)
  • your tastes and needs
  • your budget

Bora Bora Wedding Photographer

Bora Bora is an incredible place to get married. You can be tempted to organize an intimate marriage. You can also come to celebrate and enjoy with your family and friends.

Depending on your wishes and budget, your photographer will plan with you your photography project. It can cover only the intimate ceremony and after-wedding photo shoot. It can also last a few days to get some once-in-a-lifetime keepsakes from Bora Bora. Your photographer will accompany you and your guests before the ceremony, during special activities (boat trips, adventure walks, romantic dinners, sunset time...) and after-wedding fashion and couple photo sessions.

A professional Bora Bora photographer can offer some ready-made packages that can be modified and adapted to your plans. They can also offer a custom package if your wedding needs special care and unique services. You should contact your photographer to get more information and plan your special day with them.

Honeymoon, and other occasions (wedding anniversary, portraits, family Bora Bora photo shoot)

Depending on the results you would like to obtain, you can plan a 1-hour, 90-minute, or 2-hour photo shoot in your hotel or on the main island of Bora Bora. During a 1-hour shoot, you can reach 2 or 3 places in your resort. It is efficient and doesn’t need special engagements.

90-minute and 2-hour photography projects are the most suitable. You have enough time to reach the most beautiful spots in the resort, and you have the time to make a connection with your Bora Bora photographer. This is beneficial to make you relaxed and natural in front of the camera. You can also prepare 2 or 3 outfits for your photo shoot.

Your overwater bungalow with a view is also a great place for a photo shoot

While choosing your overwater bungalow or private villa on Bora Bora, be aware that it is also an amazing place for a photo shoot. Every resort has a selection of the best bungalows with pool, view of Otemanu Mountain, private beach and access to the ocean. If you have a possibility to book it, do not hesitate - it will be a real piece of paradise on Earth and only for you!

Drone Photography and Aerial Images 

The aerial pictures and videos from Bora Bora are amazing. French Polynesia is a really picturesque place for drones. We absolutely encourage you to treat yourself to a great and unique memento from paradise - an aerial photo shoot. You will need to contact a certified drone pilot to make it happen. The best is to plan a boat trip and reach some extraordinary secret spots on Bora Bora. You can also organize it in your resort (with special authorization). Some of them are incredible for aerial shoots.

If you have your own drone, be careful - for security reasons and privacy policies, you won’t be able to fly easily over Bora Bora: in the central zone of Bora Bora, and in the majority of hotels, flying a drone without permission is prohibited.