Have you planned to stay on Tahiti or to visit any of the 118 Polynesian islands? Are you looking for a professional photographer? Perhaps you are dreaming of a destination wedding or elopement? The islands of French Polynesia -Tahiti- are the embodiment of paradise. Tahitian island life is a unique experience and it is the perfect portal to visiting any of the Polynesian islands. We invite you to discover the most picturesque islands and plan your photo shoot together!

Your Photo shoot in Tahiti

How can we serve you?

Our approach is to play with the conventions of the fine arts, detail shots, aerial pictures and portraits. This allows us to capture the beauty of the moment -the models’ personalities as well as the emotions expressed in a gesture or a look. The end result is a beautiful composition of people, landscapes, details and emotions. The result is the stuff of dreams, colorful and spectacular. We ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience - and a great adventure at the same time.

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Meet Paulina

& Ossa Cadoret

People often ask me why we moved from Europe to the Pacific, and how we offer pictures & films that stand out from the competitive market of French Polynesia. Well, we are wedding and honeymoon photographer & videographer with a soft spot for natural light and luminous colors, and we are in love with the islands.

Our approach is to combine fine art and aerial techniques to capture beautiful, sincere, and timeless images. Our goal is to craft vibrant, luminous, fine art images & videos that are as unique as the people we work with.

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Paulina Cadoret is a Professional Photographer available in Tahiti and other pacific and Polynesian islands. Her photography is naturally elegant, delicate, full of luminous colors. She is a hybrid photographer : she works with digital and analog cameras.

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Paulina Cadoret propose high quality photo prints, wedding books and souvenir albums. She works with the best photography laboratories and brands in the wedding industry. She put special attention to deliver a coherent work, every image is edited. She adjusts colors, luminosity, contrast.!

Paulina is a professional photographer on Tahiti island, french Polynesia. Her style is subtle and elegant. She loves colors and light. She captures your special moments during your journey.

She loves to schedule your photo shoot with natural light on Tahiti. She likes classical and modern techniques. She is able to capture your journey on the islands. If you schedule to visit Tahiti before or after Bora and Moorea, you are welcome to contact her. She takes the time to reply to your questions. She shares her 10 years+ experience in photography and travelling with you.

A professional photographer

If you would like to find the best photographer on Tahiti, you can look on Instagram and check their websites. You can visit their portfolio and choose the style that fits you best. In french polynesia, the light changes often but the weather is always warm which is great for couples and family photo shoot.

Your photographer based in Tahiti.

Are you looking for a photographer and do not know which island is the best for a photo shoot? Are you planning to get married or do you plan to come to Tahiti during your honeymoon? Or maybe you are planning a family trip on the islands? In any case, Paulina is based on Tahiti and can reach any islands in French polynesia.

Choose a wedding photographer in Tahiti

If you plan to get married in Tahiti, the photographer is the most important choice to keep your memories forever. The style, the quality, the reputation are something to consider to make your choice. A bride needs to know what she will have after the wedding. A wedding album, fine art prints, … You will have a great experience and keep memories for life. Paulina has 12 years experience in wedding photography all around the world. You can trust her and live the dream. Prices start at $350 and depend on your expectations.

Your honeymoon in Tahiti: photography tips

The light is really different on the islands. If you would like to have amazing results, you need to consider this. Try to capture moments the morning, the evening and you can notice that the photos are very different. Hiring a professional photographer for your honeymoon is very important if you would like to have beautiful images with high quality. Prices start at $350 depending on location, photoshoot time,...

Sign a contract.

If you would like to hire a photographer, ask for the contract. It protects you and you could postpone/cancel for example for a positive covid reason. You avoid surprises during your trip.

What is the best time to schedule my photoshoot on Tahiti island?

The light is really different and changes a lot. The morning and before the sunset are good options. Feel free to ask your photographer about what you like the most and your travel planning. He advises you. The weather is really nice all around the year. You still have a wet season from November to March. And a dry season from April to October. But often you have a great light during the wet season too!

What are the best locations for a photoshoot on Tahiti?

When you visit an island, you are dreaming of beautiful beaches. Tahiti does not have the best beaches and the water is not as blue as on other islands like Moorea or Bora Bora. But you have such nice spots to discover. In fact, this is a great alternative for uncommon photos with amazing landscapes and nature. Ask your photographer to have lots of ideas to surprise your friends with your photos!

Are Photographers based in Papeete?

Photographers are based on different islands in french Polynesia. Paulina is based on Tahiti island, but works everyday on different islands. It is really easy to reach any island for your d-day. You can share your planning with her to get answers.

Your lifetime memories

The delivery is a piece of souvenirs for life. You will love to share them with your family and friends and be happy to find them on prints, albums or frames. Think about the moment you show them to your kids in the future, you appreciate their value with time!

The post-production before the delivery

Photoshop has become really important before delivering the work. In fact, the laboratory used to do this job with films. Your photographer needs to calibrate all the images to render them in the most beautiful way for you. The colors, the light, the temperature: everything needs to be delivered in a high quality.

Paulina has a natural style, and she tries to reveal your natural beauty during the session. In addition, post-processing is made for the analog and digital. The result is delivered with attention to satisfy you. Ask as many questions as you can to make sure the work is done properly.

Island Photographer style

Your photographer style is the most important thing you should consider. You should make your choice according to your feelings. Of course, the quality depends on the gears and the experience.

General informations

All services are provided on Tahiti and an invoice is delivered on-demand. The right of publicity is signed by the clients in order to respect their privacy. All information are in the final contract before the photo shoot on Tahiti and the surrounding islands.