Tetiaroa is an unforgettable, eco-friendly atoll. If you are dreaming of gorgeous, white sand beaches and crystalline lagoons, you must visit the island and hire a professional photographer. There are endless possibilities to create unique images. It is not surprising that actor Marlon Brando fell in love with the island to the point that he purchased it. Contact us to plan your photo shoot in Tetiaroa and create a tailor-made project together.

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Our approach is to play with the conventions of the fine arts, detail shots, aerial pictures and portraits. This allows us to capture the beauty of the moment -the models’ personalities as well as the emotions expressed in a gesture or a look. The end result is a beautiful composition of people, landscapes, details and emotions. The result is the stuff of dreams, colorful and spectacular. We ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience - and a great adventure at the same time.

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& Ossa Cadoret

People often ask me why I moved from Europe to the Pacific, and how I offer pictures that stand out from the competitive market of Bora Bora & the Pacific Islands. Well, I am a wedding and honeymoon photographer with a soft spot for natural light and luminous colors, and I’m in love with the islands.

My approach is to combine fine art and aerial techniques to capture beautiful, sincere, and timeless images. My goal is to craft vibrant, luminous, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

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Paulina Cadoret is a Professional Photographer available in Tetiaroa and other pacific and Polynesian islands. Her photography is naturally elegant, delicate, full of luminous colors. She is a hybrid photographer : she works with digital and analog cameras.

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Paulina Cadoret propose high quality photo prints, wedding books and souvenir albums. She works with the best photography laboratories and brands in the wedding industry. She put special attention to deliver a coherent work, every image is edited. She adjusts colors, luminosity, contrast.!