Our 2-days shooting and filming at The Brando on breathtakingly beautiful atoll of Tetiaroa with a beautiful couple, Nanxi and Jonathan, was amazing! They get married last year and spent their honeymoon in French Polynesia, enjoying the sun, crystalline blue water, white soft sand and discovering the nature of the island.

Honeymoon, Tetiaroa

NANXI & JONATHAN at the brando

-  Marlon Brando

« Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe.
One could say that Tetiaroa is the tincture of the South Seas. »

THe Film



and explore the images
- Nanxi Liu

« Paulina and Ossa are the most spectacular photographer and videographer team around! They captured the most exquisite photos and videos of our honeymoon and were so fun and easy to work with. I did a lot of research on photographers in French Polynesia and spoke with many. I felt like their aesthetic, experience, and personality were the best and they absolutely were. For beautiful, timeless, and breathtaking photography and videography, Paulina and Ossa should be anyone's top choice. »