Bora Bora drone photographer

Aerial pictures from Bora Bora are intoxicating. The truth is that French Polynesia is a tremendously picturesque place to plan a photo shoot. Drone images are simply incredible. If you are looking for some breathtaking aerial images of yourself from your trip in Bora Bora, we strongly recommend hiring a certified drone photographer in Bora Bora.


Aerial Views in Bora Bora


French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It includes 118 islands situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Each island has a different shape and is rich in lagoons of countless shades of blue. One can see its full beauty only from a bird’s eye view. For many years the privilege to see those views was limited to visitors on a plane. With new technologies and the invention of the drone photography, we are now able to chase the sky and discover on our own those exceptional views in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, and all over the world.

It has been a few years since we discovered this way many islands in French Polynesia and we are always amazed by their incredible beauty. The drone images from are always stunning and remain a precious souvenir from this Heaven. 

If you plan to travel to Bora Bora, maybe you consider using your own drone.
You will find important informations in his guide. You will also discover the applicable rules and restrictions.

Bora Bora drone photographer Pricing


Are you wondering how much an aerial photoshoot will cost in one of the most expensive places in the world? If you decide to do a standard digital photoshoot in your resort, expect the range price from $700 for one-hour shooting to $1400 for two-hour shooting. If you are looking for something unique to have exceptional memories with the drone photography, consider spending more than $1500.

Hire a certified drone photographer in bora bora


If you are looking for epic aerial photos in Bora Bora (or on any other island in French Polynesia), the best solution is to hire a certified drone photographer. Not only will you be able to enjoy the experience, but you will also discover the most beautiful and secret spots. You will be able to relax and enjoy without dealing with the licenses, restricted areas & insurance.

You will also have an opportunity to create awesome drone images in Tahaa, Moorea or Tahiti, but also on islands visited less frequently such as the Tuamotus Archipelago or the Marquises. 

Drone photography tips

  • Polarizing filters make a difference in Bora Bora
  • Keeping a low aperture is better
  • The trio : Shoot in RAW / Shoot Manual / Shoot with low ISO

You can find some of the best aerial photographs tips in the DJI guide. If you would like to showcase in your aerial pictures the most vibrant colors, do not forget that :

Flying your drone in Bora Bora : is it safe?


Nowadays, it is very easy to take your drone on your journey to create aerial images. Before flying your drone, you should know that the island has its own specific aviation rules. There have been many people bringing drones to Bora Bora in the past years. Rules are becoming strict everywhere in the world, especially in Bora Bora: the best known island in French Polynesia.

If you are not certified, you should know that flying your drone in Bora Bora is generally forbidden. You should read this FAQs - for tourists bringing drones to Bora Bora

best spots for drone photography in bora bora no-fly GEO zone


Bora Bora is a tiny island surrounded by the lagoon and tiny patches of land called ‘motus’. It makes a total surface of 30.55 km2 / 11.80 sq mi link wikipedia geography. 
The airport is in the north, near the central zone. Some of the greatest resorts (The St Regis, The Four Seasons, The Pearl Beach Resort, The Intercontinental Thalasso & Spa are located in that area. For security reasons and air corridors around the central zone, without authorization you won’t be able to fly and take images in Bora Bora- due to manufacture parameters drones are locked in that area.

Aerial Photography & Fine Art style for your event


Your photo shoot in Bora Bora should be like a perfume: ‘it is the Art that makes memory speaks’.

Our approach is to apply Fine Art styles into aerial pictures to give you some unique souvenirs and tell the story of your journey or your special event. Playing with Fine Art conventions, detail shots and portraits, allows to capture the beauty of the moment, the models’ character as well as the emotion expressed in a gesture or a look. The end result yields a beautiful balance of people, details and emotion. Everything rendered in a dreamy, spectacular, and colorful style. It enables you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience - and a great adventure at the same time.

More information to plan your event in Bora Bora and choose your photographer :