What is the best time and duration of your photo shoot on Bora Bora?

Have you got some special wishes for your photo shoot on Bora Bora? Do you want vibrant, color images, or do you just dream of bringing back some romantic pictures from Bora Bora? How much time should the perfect photo shoot last to get beautiful pictures? If you are asking yourself these questions, then this article is for you. It will explain and help you to choose the best time for your photo shoot and obtain results you’ll love.

The best time of day to do a photo shoot in Bora Bora

The sunset photo shoot

Every evening, or nearly, the sunset in Bora Bora is a spectacular sight. It is an ideal moment to unite gorgeous landscape, soft light, and romantic atmosphere all in one picture, as the perfect backdrop to a couple in love.

Bride and groom at sunset in the Four seasons Bora Bora
After wedding photoshoot at sunset in the Four Seasons Bora Bora
Couple walking in water at sunset with swimwear in Bora Bora with Mount Otemanu and overwater bungalow in the background
Soft light and romantic atmosphere at sunset in Bora Bora
Champagne time at sunset in the St. Regis Bora Bora

The Sunset photo shoot is a perfect option if:

  • you love a romantic mood
  • you prefer soft colors to vibrant ones
  • you want to be comfortable and prefer to avoid the sun’s bright rays and high temperature
  • you prefer to take the time to prepare yourself for the shoot (hair styling, make-up…)
  • you wish to get some beautiful portraits of your couple
  • you love orange, purple, and deep blue colors

The sunset photo shoot can also begin in the late afternoon to capture some more vibrant-color pictures.

The afternoon photo shoot

Shooting in the afternoon is often offered along the sunset shoot. In the afternoon we can still get some vibrant colors but the sun is lower and less taxing. The Sunset Shoot is the ideal segue to getting some romantic soft images and beautiful portraits. Pure perfection!

Couple kissing in the St. Regis Bora Bora at the lagoonarium spa with the palms and mount Otemanu

The morning photo shoot

The morning light is perfect to showcase the beautiful colors of Bora Bora’s lagoon. It is a perfect option if:

  • you wish to capture the vibrant blue colors of the lagoon on your pictures
  • you tolerate the sun well
  • you like bright colors
  • you want to focus on obtaining some panoramic, vibrant pictures 

The sunrise photo shoot

Sunrise is a good option if you like soft light and soft colors. There are no crowds, and everything is peaceful. We advise this time for people who like to wake up early, and who enjoy a quiet, calm atmosphere.

Sunrise time in Bora Bora

Boat trip: Afternoon and sunset or sunrise and morning

Those two options for a boat trip are great. The sunset will highlight orange/purple/deep blue colors. The soft light is perfect for portraits and moody panoramic pictures.

Sunset time in Bora Bora

The morning and the afternoon time are the best to get some vibrant blue/green colors especially on the drone pictures and wilderness shoots.

Aerial & classical photoshoot in the morning

We encourage you to connect with us to get more information about a boat trip and aerial photography.

How long should your photo shoot last?

One-hour photo shoot

The one-hour photo shoot is perfect if you need only a few pictures to immortalize your stay on Bora Bora. No need to go to more than two locations in the resort to enjoy the shoot and results. Quick and efficient.

One-hour 30 minutes photo shoot

90 minutes is quite enough to reach the beautiful places in the resort. It is a very good option if you would like to enjoy your shoot and connect with your photographer. This last point is always beneficial to help you relax, act natural and help to create naturally beautiful pictures. The 90-minute shoot will also make it possible to get some color-varied images. For example, starting the shoot in the late afternoon will still let you get some more vibrant-color pictures, and then enjoy more soft colors and sunset light.

Two-hour photo shoot

Two hours of shooting pictures are a great opportunity to get some creative images as a memento from Bora Bora. You have enough time to reach beautiful places, to connect with your photographer, to get some romantic, funny, pictures full of love and laughs. A wonderful gallery for a honeymoon photo album.

Boat trip: Two hours and more

A tailor-made honeymoon boat trip is always a great and unique adventure.

The scenery on Bora Bora changes while moving by boat: the famous Otemanu Mountain has many incredible faces and the blue of the lagoon is never the same. There are hundreds of possibilities to take original aerial and classic pictures. A boat trip photo shoot can last two hours, three hours, or a half-day. 

We hope all these tips will help you. If you have more questions do not hesitate to connect with us. Read more: