FAQs – for tourists bringing drones to Bora Bora for photography

There have been many people bringing drones to Bora Bora in the past years. Rules are becoming  strict everywhere in the world, especially in Bora Bora: the best known island in French Polynesia. You will find the basic information here. Please note, however, that they cannot replace knowledge of the comprehensive rules of aviation. It is your responsibility as an UAV operator to read and understand the relevant rules and regulations before taking photographs. If you are looking for epic aerial photos in Bora Bora, the best solution is to hire a certified drone photographer

Are drones allowed in Bora Bora?

If you are not certified, you should know that flying your drone in Bora Bora is generally forbidden.

Can I fly my drone in Bora Bora if I have my licence (certified)?

If you are certified in your country (the European Union / EEE), you must request for an approval (DGAC – France)

Which are the appropriate authorities to contact to fly my drone in Bora Bora ?

The Bora Bora’s civil aviation authority is not the DGAC directly (France), but the SEAC (French Polynesia)

Can I use my drone everywhere in Bora Bora island?

The island is tiny (30km2) and the no-fly GEO zone cover a huge part of the island (controlled airspace)

Can I fly my drone at my resort in Bora Bora for photography?

Flying over your hotel (private property) is forbidden (The St Regis, The Four Seasons, The Conrad,…)

If you want more details, you can read the complete guide to bringing & flying your drone in Bora Bora.