Bora Bora elopement photographer

We believe that great events in Bora Bora deserve a beautiful photography project. We believe that documenting your special moments is very important. The pictures will remain them with you all your life and will make the memories last forever!
Are you dreaming of eloping to an earthly paradise? Bora Bora is undeniably one of the most memorable places to say “I do”. Lost in the middle of the ocean, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The geographical zone and natural barriers preserve it from the mass wedding industry.

That is why eloping in Bora Bora is an absolute privilege and will make for an extraordinary event. An intimate elopement or an elopement with your family and friends can be organized in a few different ways. It will absolutely be one of the most incredible memories in your life, deserving to be engraved in your memory and in pictures.


Elopement packages in hotels


If you want to elope to Bora Bora, but you don’t want to get too involved in organizing it, an “off-the-rack” package can be the option for you. It is easy and effortless, and almost every hotel in Bora Bora has it on offer: The St Regis, Four Seasons, Conrad Bora Bora Nui, Intercontinental Thalasso and Spa, Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort, etc.

If you wish to discover your resort’s offer for elopements, you can check directly on your resort website. You should note that the packages include services like flowers, organization, photography, and hair and make-up. Sometimes the resort can also propose “à la carte” services. In this case, you would be able to compose your own elopement package and choose:

The different elopement packages in hotels start at 1 000$ and can go up to 6 000$. If you prefer to compose your own “à la carte” package, the ceremony costs start at 1 300$, the flower bouquet at 270$, the arch at 600$, a special elopement rental at 400$.

  • the kind of ceremony (Traditional, Legal, Simple, Polynesian)
  • the setting (on a private motu, on a beach, in a chapel, on a boat)
  • the flowers and arches (local or imported)
  • the photographer
  • the hair styling and make-up
  • extra services (spa, romantic dinner)

Tailor-made Elopement in Bora Bora


If you are dreaming of a unique, original, perfectly planned and designed elopement, it is recommended that you contact a planner / event agency. We are proud to collaborate with a high-quality agency that specializes in memorable event experiences on Bora Bora and the Polynesian islands. Their team plans and produces impeccably styled and designed elopements. Its huge advantage is the possibility to create your own custom event and choose a perfect place for it on Bora Bora or other islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Tetiaroa, Taha’a …). They manage vendors such as flowers, rentals, lighting, photography, design. They handle all the fuss over all the small details that make the event special. You will be their first priority and you assured of getting excellent service, either for an intimate elopement or a big event.

For a quote for your elopement, you should contact the chosen planner / event agency or connect with us.

Choosing a professional elopement photographer in Bora Bora


Your elopement project in Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful and special events to plan and to prepare. It will be a once in a lifetime adventure, a unique time and the accomplishment of your deepest dreams. It is absolutely primordial to document it and to create some beautiful memories. We advise that you look for a professional photographer who will accompany you in order to document your elopement and special moments in Bora Bora.

A professional photographer specializing in elopement photography (and weddings) would be the most apt. A good photographer will commit themselves to your project. Starting by defining your wishes, budget, then preparing a detailed plan, doing their best on D-Day and finally delivering great pictures and a high-quality service. It is important that your photographer has experience in photography on Bora Bora or other islands. That will guarantee the expected photographic style, colors, and light. Your photographer will be happy to accompany you, guide you, and help you to plan a photography project that fits your needs and tastes. A professional photographer will always sign a contract for your elopement photography project. A contract is a document that protects the client, the photographer, and their rights. It includes detailed information about your photography (date, place, delivery date of pictures, and other services like photo prints or a photo album).

Cost of a photographer in Bora Bora for your elopement project


The prices for an elopement photography project in Bora Bora can vary. It depends on:

If you choose a photographer from your hotel’s list, the prices are per hour. For example, one-hour photo shoots will cost you between 400$ and 600$, two hours between 750$ and 1100$. For a tailored elopement, you should contact a photographer of your choice. They should propose some basic packages to be modified or added to. They will also be able to create a custom package respecting your needs, wishes, and budget.

  • the overall duration of your event (number of hours or days)
  • the kind of elopement (intimate ceremony with bride and groom only or a big event with family and friends)
  • special photographic style (film photography, drone pictures and video)
  • the final products (photo prints, high quality album)

The best time of the year to elope on Bora Bora


The “dry period” from April to November is a great option to elope on Bora Bora. Beautiful weather, breathtaking views, and an endless summer atmosphere are guaranteed. The “dry season” is also a good time to visit French Polynesia. This period is known to offer perfect temperatures (25-30°C / 77 - 86 °F in the daytime), beautiful sunsets, and no rain. It is a good time to observe underwater wildlife (for example whales that arrive in May and leave in October).

From November to March, there is a “wet season”: it often rains (sometimes for a few days or a few weeks nonstop), and temperatures and air humidity are high. Try to avoid visiting Bora Bora especially in January and February. These are the wettest months and so the riskiest if you want to enjoy outdoor activities and landscapes.