Bora Bora Photo shoot

Have you planned your stay in Bora Bora yet? Are you looking for inspiration for your dream honeymoon? Perhaps you are dreaming of a destination wedding or elopement? Have you found your photographer in Bora Bora? Here you will find some necessary information to plan your perfect travel and your photo shoot in Bora Bora. You will also discover a few important tips to hire your photographer that fits your needs and will make your stay last forever!


The island


Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and exceptional islands in the world. In ancient times it was called ‘Pora Pora’ which has two different meanings in Tahitian dialect: ‘created by gods’ and ‘first born’. The mainland is 30 km round with Mount Otemanu (the island’s highest point at the altitude of 727 meters above sea level) and Vaitape - the largest city with 4,000 people. Bora Bora is a very particular place and has a specific structure and composition you will not find elsewhere.

The main island is surrounded by a mosaique of smaller patches of land and azure strips of the ocean. The best resorts are located on those tiny isles and give spectacular views on the main island. This unusual natural composition of Bora Bora often makes a powerful impression, mainly when you arrive in Bora Bora and just before landing, you enjoy the view of the whole island ... it is simply breathtaking and will stay a long time in your memory.

Welcome to French Polynesia! You have just arrived in Bora Bora and can't wait to start your dream vacation in this paradise on Earth. When you are leaving the airport, this stunning view simply takes your breath away. Are you ready for your Polynesian adventure?

Discover Bora Bora


There are many ways to visit and discover this exceptional island. For some people, it is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view and the sun from their overwater bungalow. For others, aquatic activities are the best, mainly in French Polynesia where you can easily observe unique marine wildlife (sharks, stingrays, manta rays, whales...). You may be tempted by boat trips or helicopter tours which enable to admire from the air the magical Polynesian world. You have also a wide range of‘land’ activities: great hikes, quad tours, meeting local food and culture. Whichever activity you will choose - all roads lead to Bora Bora.

Map of Bora Bora with best resorts and famous views


Best hotels


The best hotels in Bora Bora are located on small patches of land surrounding the main island: The St Regis, The Four Seasons Resort, The Intercontinental Thalasso and Spa, The Conrad Bora Bora Nui, The Pearl Beach Resort, The Sofitel Private Island…These hotels obviously offer the best view, a beautiful lagoon, amazing gardens, and the best accommodation (overwater villas, overwater bungalows, beach bungalows, garden villas ...). Of course, those resorts are perfect locations for a photo shoot in Bora Bora !

Taste of luxury -
overwater bungalow


The first overwater bungalows were created in Bora Bora in 1970 for the famous Hotel Bora Bora. They were the prototype for all new constructions in French Polynesia. Based on the Tahitian style, they have been the trademark of Bora Bora since then.

Staying in one of those overwater bungalows can be often your dream coming true. The bungalows are located over the cristalline water, give the direct access to the lagoon and offer breathtaking views. A taste of paradise on Earth! Almost every resort in Bora Bora has a selection of bungalows, including those located over-the-water. Some of them are truly luxurious.

If you wish to make your stay absolutely exceptional, luxurious, with the best view and service, choose one of the best overwater bungalows in Bora Bora.



French Polynesia has recently become a new luxurious wedding destination. Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far away from big cities, it is independent from wedding industry. A place to dream of which intrigues with its inaccessibility. For sure, it is one of the most magical, memorable and spectacular places to say ‘I do’. If you dream of getting married in Bora Bora, here you will find some important information which will help you organize it and discover the vendors (photographers, designers, planners).

Package wedding in your resort


If you wish to get married in Bora Bora, but you don’t want to get too involved in it, a ‘prêt-à-porter’ package can be something for you. It is easy and effortless, and almost every hotel in Bora Bora has it on offer. You will be able to choose your ideal package from different options: beach wedding, a wedding in a chapel, or a traditional Polynesian ceremony. The package includes local flowers, local decoration, and a photographer. It will be organized by your hotel and you will have a wedding coordinator to get all information. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact your resort.

Tailor-made wedding in Bora Bora


If you dream of a unique, original, perfectly planned and designed wedding, it is recommended that you contact a wedding planner/ a wedding agency. We are proud to collaborate with a high quality wedding agency which specializes in memorable event experience in Bora Bora & Polynesian islands. Their team plan and produce impeccably styled and designed weddings. Its huge advantage is a possibility to create your own custom wedding and choose a perfect place for it in Bora Bora or other islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Tetiaroa, Tahaa,…). They manage vendors such as flowers, rentals, lighting, photography, design. They handle all the fuss over all small details that make the event special. You will be a priority and you can be sure to get excellent service: either for an intimate elopement or a big event!

Honeymoon Photo shoot ideas


Are you planning your honeymoon in Bora Bora? Imagine a place where sheer BEING is pure joy and happiness. Add to it sharing there your LOVE with your second half. This experience will be much more that you have ever expected. 
Your honeymoon in Bora Bora will be an unforgettable time!

Perhaps you have already booked your hotel, your flight and chosen you bungalow and activities you will enjoy there. This is the moment to think about the souvenirs you will keep for a lifetime. A honeymoon photo shoot in Bora Bora is a must to do . Pictures from this place will serve to share your memories with your friends and family. You will cherish them all your life.  You can find here all the necessary information and recommendations about your photo shoot in Bora Bora (best places, prices, duration, best time, boat trips, ...)

Elope in Bora Bora


Bora Bora is undeniably one of the most memorable places to say “I do”. If you want to elope to Bora Bora, but you don’t want to get too involved in organizing it, an “off-the-rack” package can be the option for you. If you are dreaming of a unique, original, perfectly planned and designed elopement, it is recommended that you contact a planner / event agency.

We advise that you look for a professional photographer who will accompany you in order to document your elopement and special moments in Bora Bora

Drone Photography


The aerial pictures from Bora Bora are very seductive. The truth is that French Polynesia is a really pittoresque place and drone images are incredible. If you have your own drone, be careful - for security reasons and privacy policy you won’t be able to fly easily in Bora Bora : in a huge central zone of Bora Bora and in the majority of hotels flying drone without permission is prohibited. That is why we encourage you to contact a certified drone pilot who should have a special permission to fly drone everywhere in Bora Bora.  You can find more information about drone photography in Bora Bora on this dedicated page.

Wedding anniversary & Vow renewal


Bora Bora is also an ideal place to come to resource. For example for a wedding anniversary. Here everybody will find something for itself :

- peace and time to rest from your work, children and everyday routine; 
- romantic mood to put a flame to your love and relive again carelessness moments of complicity, happiness and laughs; 
- nautical activities to see the world differently; 
- beautiful views to feed your soul... any many others positif things to help you bringing a serenity and much love to your heart and mind.

Cost for a photo shoot in Bora Bora


If you are looking for a photo session in Bora Bora, you may wondering how much does it cost. Of course, above all, it depends on your wishes and the occasion. Ones need only a classic couple photoshoot for their wedding or honeymoon, others dream of a boat trip, drone photography and classic pictures. Globally, the prices start at 500$ for 1-hour classic shooting. Read the photography tips and practical information in Bora Bora to better plan your photo shoot and special event (Best time and duration for a photoshoot, best locations, best views, ...).

Tahitian pearls


Tahitian Pearls are iconic in French Polynesia and all over the world. They are the synonym of rare beauty and uniqueness. They were known in French Polynesia since ages. From the 1980s the production of those exceptional objects developed significantly. Nowadays, in Bora Bora and on almost every island of French Polynesia you will find jewelry boutiques with Tahitian pearls. We absolutely love pearls and we encourage everyone to choose at least one jewelry with pearls which fits you best. It will be a unique souvenir from French Polynesia. More advice about pearl jewelry here.

French Polynesia is full of beautiful islands. Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, is the most famous of them but there are plenty other beautiful paradisiaque islands. Perfect for relax, rest, inspiration, wildlife watch, hike. Be sure, that a photo shoot in a more « hidden » island than Bora Bora can also be a great adventure and a unique souvenir. We encourage you to look for YOUR perfect place for a photo shoot in French Polynesia.

Photo shoot on other islands in French Polynesia