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Frequently Asked questions:

Every celebration is different and comes with its own set of unique needs. Because of this, we quote every wedding, elopement, and portrait session on an individual basis. Contact us and we will be happy to help you and guide you to make the best choice according to your budget.

What is your pricing?

Sunrise is a good option if you like soft light and soft colors. There are no crowds, and everything is peaceful. We advise this time for people who like to wake up early, and who enjoy a quiet, calm atmosphere. Every evening, or nearly, the sunset in islands is a spectacular sight. It is an ideal moment to unite gorgeous landscape, soft light, and romantic atmosphere all in one picture, as the perfect backdrop to a couple in love. The sunset photo shoot can also begin in the late afternoon to capture some more vibrant-color pictures.

What is the best time for a photoshoot ?

Your timeline depends on many various factors. A portrait or a family photo session often allows for a pretty flexible schedule. A wedding requires a good deal of planning and organization. We have a great knowledge of most of the islands. We will ensure that everything goes smoothly during the photo shooting, with or without surprises. We will discuss your timeline and organization details once you book a photo shooting.

Can you help with our timeline?

What is your trademark style?

We love working with soft natural light. That is why we try to enhance your skin tones with backlight and shade. Our priority is to make you feel natural and comfortable in order to create stunning images. Our approach is to apply the styles and quality of the fine arts to aerial pictures to create unique keepsakes and tell the story of your trip or special event. The result is like a dream come true: spectacular and full of color. We listen to you with utmost attention and provide discreet hints how to make your dreams come true.

How and when will we receive our images?

Making your photographs our highest priority, we deliver the galleries within two to four weeks. All images delivered to you are a result of a careful selection and editing processes. We choose only the best shots. Basically, we provide 40 to 60 images per hour. You will not wait long to share your photo story with your family or friends! We deliver your photographs in an incredible online gallery. From the gallery, you can download, share and print any images.

Both. In French Polynesia, and on islands in general, the light is often very hard. Being confident in both mediums means I bring digital and film cameras and select the best option. Ossa (my husband & second shooter) also brings his drone if you ask for it. The use of film helps us make images with a timeless look like in fine art. We believe that promoting film photography & aerial in Bora Bora and all neighboring islands is a unique experience! We are sure our clients will love the extraordinary colors of the film photographs taken in those exceptional places.

Do you shoot film or digital?

The short answer—kind of. My husband, Ossa, is my business partner and drone pilot, and we shoot as a team. We have worked together for 10 years and have defined our high standards and methods to guarantee smooth and efficient cooperation.We use only professional cameras and lenses (Analog & Digital, Dji Drone for aerial images). We also have backup photography equipment.

Do you work with a second shooter and what equipment do you use?

We are proud to collaborate with Richard Photo Lab in Los Angeles, who is the premier lab for film processing, using only the most sophisticated Dip & Dunk technology to insure quality and consistency. We rely on the most sophisticated technology ever available: the human eye. Our experts look closely at your images, frame-by-frame, and make sure our scans are done consistently—and consistently well. We also guarantee quality and consistency by running routine daily checks on temperature, PH, and color balance, as well as using de-ionized water and managing a professional chemical replenishment system.

Where do you process your images?

We are based in Tahiti, French Polynesia, 40 minutes from Bora Bora & Moorea. We easily move to any island to create photo stories. Our office is in Tahiti for many reasons. Professionally, it enables us to stay connected with our partners and team in Los Angeles & Paris. We are able to provide high-end products in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: in Paradise.

Where are you based?