Top 8 Locations for a photoshoot at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Thalasso & Spa

The Brando suite, Intercontinental Bora Bora

Are you considering a vacation or a honeymoon at the Intercontinental Thalasso & Spa in Bora Bora? Are you already thrilled to have a wonderful photoshoot and to get some incredible images from there? Thanks to this article you will know more about your future photos and where in your resort it is worth taking them.

1. Some pics with the main view on Mount Otemanu, the beach and the overwater bungalows are the must!

This amazing place should be present in your photo album.

Elena walking on the beach during her photo shoot portrait session at the Intercontinental Thalasso in Bora Bora

2. Your overwater bungalow is a private place perfect for romantic or intimate shots

With the beautiful view on the ocean, the sandy beach, or palm trees, with Mount Otemanu towering over all this in its mysterious mist.

A couple on honeymoon on the desk of their overwater bungalow at the Intercontinental Bora Bora, scenic view with the landscape and blue water

3. Sipping a delicious cocktail or going for a paddle in the water during the photoshoot are excellent opportunities to capture some serene moments

The couple sharing a cocktail in Bora Bora, colors and smile

4. Images on the path to a bungalow show the unique Polynesian lifestyle and atmosphere

5. You can stay longer in this romantic mood, if you go into the water for the exquisite Bora Bora sunset in front of Mount Otemanu

Couple in the water on honeymoon in front of the mount Otemanu

6. Palm paths are such a gorgeous display of all green hues of the Polynesian flora!

We recommend them for portraits as well.

Nina, a beautiful woman with flowers under the palm during a nice photo shoot portrait at the Intercontinental Bora Bora during her wedding anniversary

7. You cannot leave Bora Bora without some pics of your relaxed moments!

Some photos in the hammock will be the best souvenir of the Polynesian leisure.

8. Finally, a few panoramic views of the island will make you remember the atmosphere of Bora Bora as a whole.

They will make your stay here memorable!

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