Bora Bora photographer informations

Below you will find some practical tips and information to plan your perfect photo shoot in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora and the Pacific Islands are magical destinations. A trip to this other side of the world is often a once in a lifetime adventure. We are convinced that the journey begins long before coming to Bora Bora. The excitement of preparation and the awareness of the excellence of the future experiences are almost as good as the trip itself.

While doing all your bookings, choosing your itinerary and planning your activities, you are also certainly considering doing a photo shoot to get an everlasting keepsake. It is absolutely unthinkable to do this quickly and in a rush. We believe that an active participation in planning your photography project will let you get the pictures you dream of.


The best time and duration for a photo shoot in Bora Bora


While planning a photography project in Bora Bora you should take into consideration that the time of your session is crucial to obtaining the expected results.

For example, morning photo shoots are preferable if your wish is to reveal the vibrant colors of Bora Bora. The sunsets often offer spectacular colors and are perfect for romantic-mood pictures. The best time and duration for a photo shoot in Bora Bora will help you understand the subject perfectly and plan your photography project in detail. You will also find here complete information on how long your shoot should last to provide the pictures you are looking for or even more!

The best hotels for a photo shoot


The resorts have everything you need to plan a successful photo shoot in Bora Bora: The St. Regis, the Four Seasons Bora Bora, the Conrad Bora Bora nui, the Intercontinental Thalasso & spa, Bora Bora pearl beach resort,...

The choice of your resort will be crucial to defining the style of your trip. It will also play a major role in your photography project.

If you wish to get some absolutely gorgeous photos from Bora Bora, we advise you to choose one of the best hotels on the island. They have everything you need to plan a successful photo shoot: overwater bungalows with a direct access to the lagoon, private villas with pool, beautiful gardens, breathtaking views, soft white sand beaches. A great stay and magical pictures guaranteed!

The best time of the year to visit Bora Bora


The most favorable period to visit the Polynesian islands is between April and October. We call it the “dry season” because there’s not much rain and the temperatures are pleasant (23-30°C / 73°F-86°F). During that time, you will be able to fully enjoy your sunny stay, nautical activities. (Also beautiful whales come to French Polynesia in May and stay till October; you can book your tour to watch them, mainly in Tahiti), hiking, spectacular views, palm trees and beaches.

The cost of a photo shoot in Bora Bora


While planning your photography project for a wedding, honeymoon or other event in Bora Bora, you are wondering how much does a photographer cost in Bora Bora? And how much your photo shoot will cost you? Of course, everything depends on your needs, wishes, occasion, and budget. Standard photography service is often counted per hour. For example, for a 90-minute classic digital photo shoot in your resort you will be charged between $500 and $1000.

More informations: your photography project in Bora Bora


We invite you to read more information about prices and important tips for honeymoon and elopement. If you are planning a tailored wedding in Bora Bora you should contact a professional photographer of your choice to get a personalized package and services like drone photography, boat trip, and styled photo shoot.